It’s your time to shine!

Many of us are moving away from the corporate world and are starting businesses teaching others what we have learned through our own experiences. We believe in our product and love what we do. We can tap into our intuition to help us with this.

Many sales techniques were developed prior to this service orientated way of working. In my opinion, Selling with Heart suits people who want to work this way. Of course we need to make money, but we want to do so in a way that honours who we are. We want to be successful by staying true to ourselves.

We know how to help the people who have the problems we have experienced ourselves. We can offer the solutions that will help them to overcome their blocks and to attain their goals. I believe that we are connected in some way to the people we are here to help, and that our service is not only valuable to them, but can enhance our lives too.

Helping heart-centred entrepreneurs to sell your product in a powerful way.

I’m here to help you release sales fears, tighten up sales processes, master a sales mindset and sell smarter not harder. So you can then balance out what you need to do in your day, in a way that ensures your business thrives. Selling with Heart is a beautiful 5-step sales process that helps you click with people and get hired in a heartbeat. Learn how to inform, inspire and invite more people to contact you and buy your webinars, retreats, books, bootcamps and ecourses. Sell with heart to build strong client relationships and to create a lasting business that makes a powerful impact on people’s lives.