I spent three years in a labour of love creating my Selling with Heart book. It had been a dream of mine for many years to walk into a bookstore and see my name in print. I finally had the inspiration to start writing it and then faced many hurdles in getting it published! But when I became an author and took delivery of 100 copies of the first print run of my baby they sat gathering dust in my spare room. I could make lots of excuses for this but to be totally honest the reason is:

If I don’t really try, I can’t really fail!

Despite all the fabulous reviews from the lovely ladies who have read it, I still have a part of me that says:

What if they don’t like it?

I spoke to a woman who’d created something really special but she knew that she needed to start selling ‘her baby’ to people. She found so much resistance each time she went to pick up the phone to make a call to a business about it. Her fear was that they would reject it (and this would then reject a part of her).

When we create something we love, and then neglect rather than nurture it, we are missing the point as to why we’ve been given the opportunity to share our gifts with others. Each time we stand proudly behind what we do, we help others to:


Benefit from what we learn and grow through what they learn

Discover their own gifts by being inspired by us to find their own voice

Contribute to the shift in conscious that is happening right now everywhere


What you create matters.

You may not be able to see how it does at this point in your life but trust me it does! One day you will see why you were given this gift. You now need to help it make its way out into the world; so that others can receive it into their lives.

You are learning all the time.

What you know now today will change as you grow and evolve. What you know now today helps other people on their journey. What you know now today shines a light for others who have the questions that you can answer through sharing what you have discovered for yourself.

You need to believe in yourself.

After all, if you don’t who will! Each time you feel resistance and fear you need to send love to the critical voice that is holding you back from all you were born to be. And say to yourself: I AM ENOUGH.

Let other people help you to get the word out.

Tell people it feels right to about your inspired idea. Go to local bookstores and get them to stock your book. (Eckhart Tolle did this with THE POWER OF NOW and look what that led to!) Encourage friends and family to help you to get your gift out into the world, so others can enjoy its benefits.

Turn what you create into a symbol.

What you create is an expression of your heart and soul. Visualise it as a symbol in the hands of people. See it light up their faces as they hold and benefit from the love contained within it.


Ready to start sharing your gifts?