Selling with Heart

When you are working for yourself you don’t need to put up barriers like you did in the corporate world. You can be more at ease and afford to take more risks in opening up to your clients. You don’t necessarily have to make out that your business is larger than it is, or hide that you work from home, or work alone. You can be authentic and reveal who you are. I’d like to ask you to do three things today:

  1. Spend some time thinking about what would stop you being yourself in sales.
  2. Ask yourself: Does the thought of revealing more about who you are in a sales meeting scare you?
  3. What is this fear based on?

In corporate life, we get in the habit of wearing a mask to hide who we really are inside. We try to fit in with our peers and to conform to the way things are done by the organisations we work for. You can choose to take off this mask and reveal the real you.

We all hate the cheesy salesperson that comes across as fake. By being yourself, you are treating people with respect, showing that you empathise with their problems and you are using a sales technique that is simply an extension of who you are.

You come across to potential clients as honest and natural. You build stronger relationships, which in turn helps you to:

  • Attract more clients
  • Boost repeat sales
  • Receive referrals

Being authentic in sales

I tendered for a large project and went up against two big web design consultancies. One of these had offices in London and New York. (I was working from a computer workstation in my bedroom at the time!) I used my intuition to guide me at the sales meeting and acted on any intuitive signals I received.

However, I thought that I had blown my chances as I had revealed who I was. I felt it was right to let them know that I had set up on my own and that I didn’t employ staff, that I mainly outsource work to other women in business. They liked the fact that I wasn’t a large business and that I could focus solely on each client’s projects (as I only work with a handful of clients at a time) and I was awarded the work.

Being authentic means trusting yourself and being true to you. Opening up and allowing who you really are to shine through. Tapping into the power of your own intuition and letting it guide you. We will look at intuition in Step 3 of my sales book for women Selling with Heart.


Open up and allow who you really are to shine through to build stronger client relationships.